Welcome to the Friends and Family Pre-Alpha Test for Push


Hello everybody - thanks for joining the friends and family pre-alpha test for Push!

You are here because you are an awesome person and a great player of strategic games. We’d love for you to play Push with us over the coming months and give us your feedback on how we should improve it to turn from a measly pre-alpha into a full-fledged game.

Pre-alpha is developer speak and it means “the game is not at all finished and we are still adding and removing features a lot”. Our current version has the bare minimum of features to be playable but it is still missing a lot of important features and is has literally no work done yet on graphics or audio.

Not sure what to do in the forums? We have got two main categories:

  1. The Feedback category is the best place to report bugs and suggest new features and tweaks.
  2. The Strategy category is the best place to learn about being a successful player and teach others.

Do you need to get in touch with us directly? Best send an email to me (Alexander Zacherl) via alexander.zacherl@googlemail.com.

We’re looking forward to discussing the game with you - see you in the game!