Game stuck when making the enemy "win" during own turn


Hey guys,

The game I just played was set up as following:

Opponent had one of his pieces in bottom right corner and another one in bottom left diagonale.
I just tried to push his bottom left game piece out of the game via the left bottom corner (using additional moves). But when I used my first move in this turn to push his piece into the corner the UI for additional moves popped up but I couldnt do anything. I clicked undo but couldn’t move anymore either.

My guess is that if you have the enemy in a “winning” state during your turn it somehow crashes the game.
Not sure what’s intended to happen but from a player’s POV I’d prefer to not set the game state until the player clicks on “confirm”. This way it’s still possible to use the bottom corners to push opponents pieces outwards. It’s probably a bit difficult to communicate that you can’t push a game piece into the corner during your planning phase if that’s supposed to end the match.

Platform is Android, newest OS on a Google Nexus 6P.

thanks and best regards,
Simon :slight_smile:


Hey Simon, thanks for the report - much appreciated! I was able to reproduce this. It also happens when you hit your own win condition within a multi-move. We’ll fix that for Alpha #3. =D


Great to hear, thx for the fast response! =D