Game Design and Usability Build 51


Hey Alex & Sebi,

thanks for the invite! As an active chess player I’m really liking the base concept of the game.

  • I didn’t understand that you can push diagonally (can you?)
  • I would have liked an option to show my password in the registaration screen (also removes the need to be typing twice)
  • Would really like shorter time controls (3min ~ 10min); Maybe with increment as in chess (so you have 3min + 2sec each turn, for example)

More feedback coming once I play more matches!


Thanks for the feedback! The password screen definitely needs many improvements. Why would you prefer shorter turn timeouts?


Because I like to focus on a short game and be done with it when I put my smartphone away. I don’t really like making a move -> looking away for 5 minutes -> making my next move. I guess I really want a quick instant response from my opponent as well.

But depends on your target audience ofcourse. Daywise time controls also exist in chess.


Yeah the idea of having a synchronous game mode has been on my mind for as long as the game exists. Only it needs a significant audience size for it to work. I’ll definitely revisit this when the game is going for a wider release.


Maybe give the Option at starting a new game. Either a synchronous game or an asynchronous one.


Something like that. Once we have a couple thousand daily players. =D


Hey everyone! Really liking the game so far.

I’ve also played a fair amount of online chess over the years, and most of my suggestions stem from that background. I would like to:

  1. … be able to navigate through all past moves using arrow buttons. It helps me understand how the game developed to its current state.
  2. … be able to set shorter timers (e.g. 24 hours, 12 hours) for “Correspondence Push”. Not right now necessarily because it splits the player base.
  3. … WAY shorter timers (e.g. 5 minutes total for ALL moves a player can make, optionally +5 seconds to make a move once they’re out of time) for “Live Push”, “Blitz Push”, “Fast Push”, whatever you want to call it.
  4. … have the Notifications option changed somehow. When it said “Enable notifications”, they were actually turned off, so I had two timeouts before noticing my mistake. ):



Oh, I forgot to add last time: Having so-called Conditional Moves would be cool as well. I often used them in online chess. After making my move, I’d set a rule (or several) like this: “If my enemy responds with move X, immediately make move Y.” It saved time in the opening phase, but also later, when there was a series of forced moves.


Great feedback, thanks Mjeno! I’ve just changed the button texts for notifications to make it clearer when they are enabled/disabled. That will be in our next game update. I’ll also think about how to best visualize past moves. This should make it in when we start working on the game client in earnest.

Everything else goes onto our “cool features for later” list. Will revise once we’ve gotten more players and a solid base game.


Hey there, love the game, too. Reminds me a lot of abalone. Getting to the colored field is a nice alternate goal that adds a small twist to just pushing out. Here are the things That came to my mind / I’ve noticed so far a couple of moves into my first game.

  1. notifications don’t seem to work on iOS 10.3.3 no matter what setting I pick

  2. Apparently, I can move and drop my own tokens outside the field. Bug or feature? Can’t see point in feature.

  3. I’d love to see if my opponent is currently online and secondly online in my game, making a move. Thus I’d stay tuned and wouldn’t put it away and not refresh all the time. Understand that’s not of primary concern.

  4. Wondering if the game should end after fewer kicked out tokens or whether it’ll stretch toward the end like the last rounds in a game of Monopoly where the loser just slowly dies.

  5. would love the options to emote as in Hearthstone to communicate with the opponent.

  6. Also I think Ich missing the option to move a row of tokens sideways. Would open more depth to tactics.


Hey Michel,

thanks for the feedback!

  1. Thanks, we got a few reports of this. Will fix and then ping your for confirmation.
  2. It is useful in a very small and theoretical edge case. Not sure yet if I should disable it (since it confused newbies but can be undone) or to keep it (since it adds depth for veterans).
  3. Yeah, valid request though. Might even be useful right away. Added a to-do.
  4. I wonder as well. We’ll add a “give up” button and a “offer draw button” and make the decision afterwards.
  5. Definitely planned. I also want this to be animated stickers. =D
  6. Like in Abalone? How would you implement this design-wise?

  1. Tricky, I know. Initial idea I have in mind for an implementation is:
    mark all tokens to move by tapping, move marked tokens by swiping. Doesn’t seem perfect though. Would have to ponder this in depth though. Maybe add a “marking-mode” by double tapping or via a button…

  1. Attempted a move alike to >XXXOOX as described in the rules several times and it never worked. Quite frustrating if you set your game up for it and then, whoops.

  1. Aye. And then you get to the clunky set of controls that Abalone has on mobile, sadly. Wonder if there is a way do more elegantly do that on touch. Long touch selects a group/row?
  2. Can you show a screenshot with an example of this, please? This is either a gameplay code problem or just that my rules explanation sucks. =D



Closed in preparation for Alpha Season II.