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How to Join Alpha Season II (Game Download) [Push] (2)

New here? Push is a turn-based, asynchronous strategy game for Android and iOS. In the game you play dozens of matches against different opponents everywhere in the world. It’s a very relaxed game - you have 48 hours to…

Welcome to the Friends and Family Pre-Alpha Test for Push [Push] (6)

Hello everybody - thanks for joining the friends and family pre-alpha test for Push! You are here because you are an awesome person and a great player of strategic games. We’d love for you to play Push with us over the …

Game stuck when making the enemy "win" during own turn [Feedback] (3)
Feedback Focus: Additional Moves for Lost Pieces [Feedback] (15)
Suggestion: Add optional chat and elo style ranking system [Feedback] (2)
Game Design and Usability Build 51 [Feedback] (16)
Development Road Map [Feedback] (2)
Suggestion: Shadow showing the original position [Feedback] (2)
Known Issues [Feedback] (2)

The arrow’s showing your opponent’s last move(s) are hard to read. We are going to replace them with an animation in one of the next builds. You often play against the same player many times in a row. We are going to ad…

How to Report Bugs [Feedback] (2)

Did you find a bug in the game? Please help us fix it by reporting it here. Important: Check out the list of known issues. If your bug is already in the list then you do not need to report it. We’re aware of it. If you …

Newbie Guide [Strategy] (2)

Having your pieces close together is generally better than having them seperated all over the field. Having your pieces in the center of the playfield is better than having them on the edges. The diagonals leading towar…